Viewer for LinkedIn Learning

Go to, choose a course and type in the URL of the course into the box. Alternatively a learning-path/course slug.
26 September 2020
There were some LinkedIn Learning changes. For all videos it is now required to be authentificated. Before you needed only the direct URL to the video to view it and share the direct URL with anyone without LinkedIn Learning account, but that has changed. I implemented a temporary fix to make all videos viewable on this page again in cost of cpu time and increased page loading time. The videos are not longer be played/streamed from LinkedIn Learning, instead you will download everything from this server (the server loads it from Linkedin Learning). This means you never touch Linkedin Learning's servers at any time.
11 August 2020
added thumbnails to learning path sites; little changes to the video page; also now available a list of video courses and learning paths on the main page in several different languages (en, de, es, pt, fr, ja). it took awhile to generate those lists; added 'related content' to the course page at the very end
8 August 2020
Strip HTML tags from course- and video descriptions; improved Learning Path site
7 August 2020
Now with support for learning paths and video urls. The input box can recognize if the URL is videocourse, video or learning path. Entering slugs is also possible.
4 July 2020
Fixed metatags for correctly showing a preview of the site content (title-description-bannerimage) when the link to a course or video is posted on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and so on
21 June 2020
Corrected the way of getting the thumbnails presented on the video course index site. This was required because of Linkedin Learning API changes.

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